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Lecture notes (Selected topics in Pharmacology): Antianginosa, Antiarrhythmics, Antithrombotics, Diuretics, Cardiac insufficiency , Homoiopathy, Local ansthetics , Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacology of the ANS , Signaltransduction in the ANS, Toxicology, Antihypertonics, High altitude diseases
Lecture (in German), Bern 2013: Economical constraints and ethically relevant conflicts of interest in the development of safe and effective new drugs (Text, Transparencies)

Selected Papers (1999-2006)
German Textbook Estler-Schmidt
(contributing author)

Abuse of Pharmacology (Informations about Doping, 'life style drugs', Unethical practices of Drug Marketing,)

Your Questions (This is the place to ask questions about drug mechanisms of action or drug side effects. I will answer such questions according to the actual state of the art. Discussions and comments relating to current pharmacological problems or controversies are also wellcome.)

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I spent my professional career in academic Pharmacology, doing research and teaching medical students. I retired as professor from the Institute of Pharmacology in Bern (Switzerland) in 2005. Although Pharmacology remains in the center of my interests, I also took the opportunity to switch from my long-time fascination with arm-chair travelling to active travelling adventures:' Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late' (Anonymus)!

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Titel Page of Bougainville's
'Voyage autour du monde' (1771)

Forum for Historical Geography and Travels

African Diary Part 1, Part 2. Part 3
Old towns, Castles and Parks in Germany
A trail with andalusian horses in Thuringia
New African Diary 2007 Part 1(Malawi), Teil 2 (Masai Mara) Teil 3 (Tansania)

High Atlas crossing on horseback (Morocco 2008)
Across the Brasilian Pantanal on horseback (2008)
In the Andes of Ecuador (Hazienda Zuleta) (2008)
In southern Patagonia 2009 Part 1 (Torres de Paine) Part 2 (Across the Andes
On horseback in the Caucasus mountains (2009)
Cotopaxi and Volcano Avenue (Ecuador, 2010)
A cruise in the Galapagos Archipelago (2010)
In the highland of Madagascar (2010)

Photo gallery
From Brandenburg to the Ile of Usedom, Germany 2015
Spain 2015, Sierra de la Demanda
Through the Erz mountains, Germany 2014
Rajasthan (India) 2014

Spain 2013: Mediterranea Trail; Sweet and Salt Water Trail
Atacama (Chile) 2012
Germany 2012: Harz area, Altmark and Thuringia
Oman 2011
Moroccan Sahara 2010
Germany (Mecklenburg-Brandenburg) 2010
Madagascar on horseback 2010
Vulcano Avenue, (Ecuador) 2010, Galapagos 2010
In the Caucasus mountains July 2009
Across the Andes from Argentina to Chile 2009
Torres de Paine (Chile) 2009
Pantanal (Brazil)2008, Andean Riding (Ecuador) 2008
High Atlas crossing Marocco 2008
Malawi 2007 Mpherembe trail, Kenia 2007 Masai Mara trail, Tansania 2007
Namibtrail, Namibian Guest Farms , Okavango Botswana
Old towns, Castles and Parks in Germany

A trail with andalusian horses in Thuringia

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